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Control Your Fork was an idea that came to me on a face covered walk deep in the depths of Quarantine 2020. I had always been a very health-conscious individual coming from an intense ballet & equestrian background and summer day-camp sports thrown in when I was growing up. Those experiences began to take shape into a dedicated interest in general health and fitness practice as an adult. Food and cooking had always played a significant role in my daily life and eventually led me to a career in food & beverage. I naturally gravitated to the restaurant industry at around 17 years old and eventually got caught up in a culinary renaissance in Chicago in the mid-2000s (maybe more on that later.) 

Fast forward several years and a move to Southern California later led me to the moment on my walk. I was a furloughed General Manager at an adorable wine bar in North County San Diego. Covid-19 went from a seemingly far-off news story to an eruption of real-life pandemonium within days. With hours’ notice, March 16th 2020 at Midnight, my restaurant was shut down inevitably. None of us really knew what was to come and it was a time of uncertainty & devastation around the world. Restaurants were hit especially hard and as I write this, are still for the most part closed but for patio seating, and many beloved namesakes have closed forever throughout the country.


As the months went on and my status at the restaurant went from furloughed to fired; I made the decision to attend The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) & enrolled in September 2020. I had interest in the school for years but had never had the time to give it my all until quarantine.

I graduated in April 2021 and completed a 10 week bridge program with IIN to qualify for the board certification in May 2022!

​​Control Your Fork means several things to me. It means controlling what goes into our bodies and nourishing ourselves with the best quality ingredients and sustainably sourced foods and supplements available. It's about taking control of your personal knowledge of how to do this & being able to weed through the noise. I look forward to guiding you to where you can get optimum ingredients, spotlights on my favorite products & super foods all whilst living within our personal budgets - large, medium or small. CYF is a site you can visit for recipes, informative blog posts ranging in everything from supplements to Q&A's with experts in their fields, to visually stunning content throughout.


Great to have you here!


In Health,


Amanda Blair, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach



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