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“As a health and wellness coach I collaborate with clients through a supportive and professional relationship. Through thought-provoking conversations, the client comes to realizations and understandings about themselves and areas of their lives they want to improve. Working toward these goals, the client can achieve lifelong benefits and move forward to new outcomes. With my support, the client uncovers how to be the best self-motivated version of themselves.”

Amanda Blair Cairo,
Founder & Board Certified Health Coach


What does a Health Coach do?

“A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes designed to meet each person’s unique needs and health goals. Health coaching isn’t about one diet or way of living. Instead, health coaching focuses on bio-individuality. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness.

How can I utilize a Health Coach in my life?

As a Health Coach, I partner with my clients to help them achieve their health goals. They determine what they want to achieve, whether it’s improving their diet, sleep, weight loss, or work/life balance, and I help them get there.

Health coaching is a collaborative relationship. Together, we look at nutrition as well as lifestyle, exercise, career, spirituality, and relationships. From there, I help with goal setting and behavioral change. The thing is, most of us know when we feel our best and what foods we should be eating, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes you just need a partner to help guide and support you.”


Control Your Fork means...

Several things. It means having control of what goes into our bodies and nourishing ourselves with the best quality ingredients & sustainably sourced foods  available. It's about listening to your body & taking control of your personal knowledge of how to do this and being able to weed through the noise.
I look forward to guiding you to where you can get optimum ingredients, spotlights on my favorite products & super foods all whilst living within your personal budget - large, medium or small.





Begin exploring your relationship with food by trying any of my free seasonal recipes. Healthy food should also be delicious! I always encourage my clients to eat the rainbow, eat seasonally, and if it works for your body, a Mediterranean focused diet.

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If allergies, illness, or other aversions have complicated your relationship with food, a personalized approach might be right for you. If your Doctor has prescribed a specific diet, I can recommend recipes that fit into any dietary way of eating.

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It's not about the kale!! Or even all about diet and exercise for that matter. Through my personalized coaching, I’ll work alongside you to develop an integrative plan to achieve your bio-individual, full body wellness— combining my Pick Six Method aligned with your specific goals.
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I am here for you. That might sound cheesy & albeit simple, but it's the heart of it. I want to help others with every fiber of my being. I want to make a positive impact in this small nook of a website among billions. If I look back at the life I have lived thus far, it began with the arts. Entertaining people, singing and dancing my way through my kid years, bringing smiles to faces.. “Make ‘Em Laugh!!” Hospitality soon followed. Everything I did. Every single day. Was for the Guests.

My job was to create experiences and make them memorable and joyful. To welcome strangers into my “home” (restaurant/hotel) day after day, make certain they felt cared for, assure they were well-fed and always making sure every person was treated as such, a unique individual. No one guest is a checklist, of course certain parameters are always in play, but the key to true hospitality is finding out what each customer needs & knowing what it is before they know they need it! (Future restaurant managers take note! LOL)


This is the type of attention I have when it comes to helping and serving others. I truly have an innate sense in this field that I was born with; it has transferred quite seamlessly into this blog & into the wellness industry that I have studied since I was a preteen and am proud to call myself a Board-Certified Health Coach. I know I have the knowledge now to help so many people change their lives, to feel better, to eat and cook more nutritiously, & I know this is just the beginning.


Control your fork is... I guess a double entendre. The goal is to provide the knowledge you probably need, and isn't always accessible to FEEL BETTER! My mission is to provide up to date information from credible sources to help you, help yourself. Controlling your fork means you decide what goes into your body, it means you are empowered to make informed choices for your family and loved ones. CYF in a perfect world, means you know how and where your food was grown and how those growers were treated. It means that all people should have access to clean, whole foods. Being able to decipher ingredient lists on labels is also a whopper of a challenge that I hope to simplify.

When I stood under that tree back in May 2020 and envisioned it rooted in the tines of a fork (the logo,) my deepest desire in that moment was to create something with the purpose to assure that everyone is not only well-fed, but healed through how they eat.


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