Hi! My name is Amanda Blair Cairo.

I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois & grew up in the city right on Lake Michigan. I went to the Montessori School for Pre-K & an incredible arts-focused grade school called Franklin Fine Arts. We learned dance, drama, music & piano, and visual arts. It was a fantastic experience and I still have lifelong friends from 1st grade! For high school I continued my dance instruction at The Chicago Academy for the Arts. Subsequently graduated from New Trier High School and attended DePaul University. I was an avid English style horseback rider and just an incredibly active well-rounded city kid! I will always cherish my upbringing at the schools I attended, arts are so important for young children and I owe my dance background to staying in touch with my body & really gravitating towards health & wellness.

My career, for an exceptionally long time, was in hospitality. For many years, my whole life was working alongside the fantastic people you will always meet in the service industry. I opened several restaurants all over Chicago, managed many, and almost 10 years ago, moved to California to open an Iron Chef restaurant.


My passion for restaurants was (and is) still alive & well but when I needed a respite, I got my first taste of working in a health focused environment at a family-owned health food store. I learned about supplements in depth and got immersed deep into the nutrition world. This is probably the beginning of the story as that job ignited the slow flame that inevitably brings me to here and now. 

I did hop back into the industry one more time and my last position was the General Manager at a wine bar here in San Diego.

After the pandemic changed each & every one of our lives, I decided to make a big shift. I graduated from IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) in April 2021 & just completed 10 week course to prepare me for taking the Boards! Meaning I will be a Board-Certified Health Coach and will be able to take medical insurance and work alongside Doctors.

I am also practicing/studying for my 200/hr yoga teacher training certification. 

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In Health,

Amanda Blair