Best and worst foods for different skin types.

Summer is in full swing and the largest organ of our body is out and about more than any other time of the year!

There are a few types of skin types such as dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, dull and mature. I've written the best and worst things you can put in your body under each category.

I always look to nutrition and food as my first line of attack when looking at any roadblock in my way. There are always root causes to conditions and I find that optimal nutrition can always assist in feeling fantastic in your body! I am NOT a dermatologist, this is for health coaching purposes only.


If your skin is dry, it may be thirsty.

Drinking 2 liters of water each day can help, but you can also get water through fruits, like watermelon.

You can also hydrate your skin through fatty acids, like those found in:


olive oil


And you’ll want to keep your intake of dehydrating foods and beverages to a minimum like excess alcohol or more than 300mg of caffeine.

Everyone’s tolerance levels are different but keeping caffeine around this amount is optimal.

But dry skin isn’t simply a product of dehydration.

Deficiencies in [vitamins A and C] can contribute to dry skin so adding



sweet potato


It’s tempting to nix oil from your diet if you have oily skin. But that’s not necessarily the best route. People automatically assume oil creates more oil, but anti-inflammatory oils can actually reduce oiliness!