“Clean 15” & All That's In Between!

This is the second part of our guide to cleaner eating when it comes to avoiding high pesticide levels in our fruits and vegetables. In the last post we broke down the "Dirty Dozen," meaning what foods you should buy organically-grown if you can. This is just a guide and if you are unable to access certain foods on the list that aren't organic, by all means still get them! The following is a list of 15 foods that you can consume knowing that they are nearly pesticide free, and you can save a few dollars too! After the list I'll make note of some other foods that fall in between in the spectrum so you can make the choice if you want to buy organic or conventional.


Hooray! Honestly I'm thrilled that these are on the list. Avos are finicky and pricey to begin with, so the fact that their thick skin protects the fruit from pesticides is awesome. Out of all the avocados tested 99% of conventionally grown avocados had no pesticides.


Pineapples have a pretty impressive armor protecting them. It’s no wonder their spiny web of segments ward off invaders and any chemicals. A perfect after dinner sweet (and nutrient-dense) treat as pineapples contain a protease enzyme called Bromelain. Simply put, enzymes like this will help your body digest proteins more efficiently so you can absorb the nutrients more easily.


Not many critters like the taste of raw o