Easy Ways To Add Culinary Herbs & Spices to Promote Health and Enhance Your Go-To Dishes!

Adding herbs and spices doesn't always require intricate recipies and hard to find ingredients. In this post, we will go over some different herbs and seasonings that you can easily incorporate into your daily cooking. Not only will your food taste better and have more in-depth & layered flavors, but will provide health benefits as well! Adding spices doesn't necessarily indicate "heat" so if you're sensitive to spicy foods, not to worry!

Here are some of my favorite herbs & spices and easy ways to incorporate them into your daily diet:

Fresh Herbs, but dried have the benefits too!:

Basil ~ Roll a few leaves together and chop, add on top of salads, soups, pizza or pasta.

Rosemary ~ I love adding 2 rosemary sprigs to chicken, lamb and roasted potato dishes.

Oregano ~ Adding oregano to soups and salads or on top of fish and chicken.

Sage ~ Pairs wonderfully with rosemary when roasting chicken, pork, beef & even eggplant

Thyme ~ I add thyme to soups, tomatoes, potatoes and fish. Mushrooms love thyme! Marries well with sage and rosemary (yeah I sing the song too lol)