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One on One Health Coaching with Amanda

Amanda will help you set health goals in a personal 6 month program.

  • 1 hour
  • Online Zoom Call

Service Description

You will meet with Amanda twice a month for 6 months. What can you expect? A Health Coach is a supportive guide who helps clients set health goals, whether to better manage stress, improve mood and energy, lose weight, and much more. Health Coaches help their clients develop a positive mind-set around making diet and lifestyle changes, empowering and motivating them to become their own experts. This is key in a Health Coach’s work – to encourage their clients to find what foods and lifestyle practices work best for them. At my school, IIN, we call this bio-individuality, the idea that everyone is unique, which informs how they can live their healthiest, happiest lives. Health Coaches hold clients accountable to their goals and provide a safe space for clients to talk about their health journey. The work of Health Coaches bridges the gap between where clients are now and where they wish to be, a gap often ignored by traditional healthcare, which doesn’t focus on preventive health or long-term sustainable solutions. It’s important to point out that Health Coaches have a different scope of practice than other nutrition and wellness experts, such as dietitians or nutritionists. Health Coaches do not prescribe diet plans nor give a one-size-fits-all lifestyle plan to clients. Health Coaches focus on a 360-degree, holistic approach to health and well-being. It’s never just about the food – it’s also important to pay attention to the other areas of your life that have an impact on your health, such as the quality of your relationships, satisfaction with your career, and your environment. It’s for this reason that Health Coaches’ work is so valuable.

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San Diego, CA, USA